About blockchain

At Arrland Ecosystem, we use cutting-edge blockchain tech to secure your in-game assets and give you complete ownership. With transparency in asset creation and a limited supply, your assets can easily increase in value as interest in our game grows.

As Arrland Team, we believe in using only the best blockchain solutions available on the market. Our game is powered by blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum, the most widely recognized blockchain in the world. This ensures the highest level of security for in-game assets. To enhance the user experience, we use ImmutableX blockchain for our in-game NFT collections, which is a Layer 2 solution for ETH, enabling gas-less transactions for all the players. Additionally, we`ve chosen Polygon for our ERC-20 tokens due to its scalability, which allows for seamless in-game token transactions.

It`s important to note that we prioritize transparency and use the highly trusted Chainlink Oracle for generating random numbers.