Stake-to-own is our own unique mechanism for using $RUM tokens like a kind of activity for owning NFT Genesis Pirates and Islands from Arrland Archipelago.

You can own both without giving up either, but the number of such staking pools will be limited. Instead of spending $RUM to buy, you just need to win an auction to freeze a certain amount of $SRUM to get the NFT token of your choice immediately.


How it works:

1. Prepare yourself an appropriate amount of $RUM after TGE;

2. Browse the staking auctions when they become available Arrland Auctions and choose the one you want to participate in;

3. Bid on a given auction by offering the amount of $RUM tokens you are willing to freeze for 365 days;

4. Once you win the auction, the tokens are deposited in the smartcontract and locked for a specified period;

5. Within 24 hours of winning the auction, the NFTs will be minted directly to your wallet on ImmutableX, you can use it instantly inside our game!